Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have amazing parents

Exhibit A: My mother

Example One

Last Sunday I went home and my mom was making cookies. My mom will often make desserts (they are her forte) and take them to different people or functions, so I asked her what the cookies were for.

Natalie: Mom, are you taking those cookies to someone or are they just for us?
Mom: They're just for us, but I know your dad might go home teaching tonight so I thought he might take some of these.

Later that afternoon, I overheard this conversation:

Dad: Kerry, would I be able to take some cookies to the people I home teach?
Mom: Of course you can.

Dad, she was just one step ahead of you. She's wonderful. I love my mom.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have this new problem

Blushing. Why, oh why? When I suddenly blush, it makes people think I'm embarrassed, or that I'm in love with some secret man. And neither of these things are (usually) true. Then I really blush because I am embarrassed that I'm blushing for no apparent reason.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have a new best friend

His name is...Elder Taylor? Maybe? I'm not sure.

Today at work this Elder came up to buy something, and I was helping him when I noticed that he was practically a foot taller than me (maybe a little less than a foot, but he is probably the tallest guy I've seen in a long time). I didn't say anything about his height because sometimes it's annoying when people say "Hey! You're tall!" Because really, how am I supposed to respond to that? "I know"? "Thanks"? But I digress...

He said, "Hey! You're tall! It's not very often that I meet someone who is around my same height!" (clarification: we were not around the same height, but I see his reasoning). I responded with the same sentiments, and then said, "I'm sorry, but I really have to ask. Did you play basketball?"

And the Elder responded, "No. Did you?" As I was shaking my head no, he said, "Well, I bet that we didn't play basketball for the exact same reason."

Me: "What, because people expect us to?
Elder: "Exactly."

What did I tell you? We're best friends. We can't not be.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Funny conversation

Elizabeth: Where are you headed, Elder?
Elder: Sweden.
Elizabeth: Oh, cool! How's your Swedish coming?
Elder: It's perfect, with just a slight Southern accent.
Elizabeth: Southern? Where are you from?
Elder: Skalsbo*
Elizabeth: Oh....
Elder: [slight pause] You have no idea where that is, do you?
Elizabeth: No. Where?
Elder: It's in southern Sweden. I am Swedish.
Elizabeth: Ah.

*Name of town has been changed, on account of the fact that I can't remember where he said he's from. I know it started with an 'S'.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 things I don't understand

1. My biology professor. I guess he's just really different than me, and very similar to Gilderoy Lockhart. Today he was telling us about how a woman got eaten by a leopard seal and then how a boy got eaten by a bear. He wasn't exactly telling these true stories with the gravity that normal accompanies death. That's not funny stuff, professor-but he had the whole class laughing (when I say the whole class, I mean all 257 of them--3 of us don't laugh. Me, Bradley, and the guy to my right).

2. Powerade Zero. I'm not saying it isn't true when it boasts, "Zero calorie sports drink+B Vitamins! Plus electrolytes!" I just don't understand how something can replenish the electrolytes that are lost while exercising without having any caloric value. Oh well. I'm also not a fan of the way it tastes. It's very sweet and settles funny.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why my friends are the best

Noelle: Well, I haven't talked to him-or even seen him-since Nauvoo. And when I saw him last, I had a strong desire to throw an orange at his head.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Red in the face

What makes a person blush? Embarrassment? I'm not so sure that's the only cause. Let me explain.

Today I could not stop blushing. Really. Every time someone spoke to me--no, every time someone even looked at me--I would blush. Then they would draw attention to the fact that I was blushing and I'd blush even more. I didn't think I normally blush this much...what is wrong with me?! All my blood is leaving my legs in the night and pooling in my face. Yikes...

Elder Arbuckle: So you have superpowers?
Me: *sigh....yes, Elder, I do. (I probably blushed at this point)
Elder A. and companion: We totally called it!

**A few minutes later**

Elder Arbuckle, talking to Random Elder: No, it's okay. You see, Natalie and I have this deal that she will give me free drinks if I refrain from calling her Violet.
Random Elder: Really? Is that her first or last name?
Elder Arbuckle: Oh, it isn't her name. It's just the color her face turns.

Then Gideon and Nancy each remarked on how I was blushing and couldn't stop. THEN some guy at the ward party noticed I was blushing when he was taking my picture for the ward directory! What is wrong with me?!