Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Guys, tonight you will discover something you never knew about me. Are you ready? Okay...I have a twin brother. I just found out tonight. I know we're twins because we look similar, we are around the same height, and we tease each other. Plus, I just really want to have a twin.

We're in the same family in Fiddler. We're the freak children. We don't really fit in with our family, because we are much taller than our parents. And...we're twins. So, everyone should come see Fiddler on the Roof, and you can see my twin. We also renamed ourselves. He is Ezekial, and I am now Esther. And rehearsal was tons of fun tonight! We blocked/choreographed all of tradition! I'm so proud of us. Hahahaha.


Great. Out of all the famous leaders I could have been, I'm most like Hitler.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mazeltov, mazeltov.

Today was our first choreography rehearsal. I thought I was going to die-it was so much fun. It was hilarious. All this interpretive dance-like movement, plus Sister Allen's shimmy-it's going to be great. Everyone needs to come see Fiddler on the Roof! We're not done with the dream yet, but I already like it. I never knew so much effort went into our dreams! Hahaha. It's a little bit crazy and weird, but so much fun. Wow.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm back from camp!

One night at girls camp, as I lay freezing in my unzipped sleeping bag (it was unzipped so I could sleep cross-legged), I had an interesting dream. I dreamt that I was getting married.

My mom was already in the temple dressing room, and I had to go find her, so I was walking around in my wedding dress in the temple, and finally I found a dressing room with pink carpet, but I wasn't ready to get married yet so I sat down and played the piano. As I was playing the piano, I realized that I didn't want to get married to my fiance. I don't know who it was, so we'll call him Vladimir.

I was thinking, 'Gee, I really don't want to marry Vlad, but he's really my only option right now, and I really want to get married, so I guess I'll just marry him for the heck of it.' Isn't that weird? And then after I decided this I walked into the marryin' place and everyone was grandparents, my parents, my friends, and musicians too! (Okay, so there were no musicians, but I couldn't help but quote Fiddler.)

I don't know what sparked this dream, but my leader said it was because I had been playing MASH the day before. Funny that I didn't marry who the game said I would. Oh well.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy birthday dear grandpa...

Today some theater people had a surprise party for my grandpa, and they didn't even invite us. I feel left out. I'm a little mad at LF. My grandpa doesn't particularly enjoy surprise parties, and he'd rather be with his family on his birthday, as opposed to spending the day with random people. Um, I know they're all close to him, since they've all worked in shows with him and stuff, but we're his family.

So, we crashed his party. I think everyone was like, why are they here? But who cares. We played pirates with Sawyer. He tied me to a tree, threw pinecones at me, and had a sword fight with me. Yeah. This was the best surprise party ever...not.

Playing with Sawyer was kinda fun, but the whole secrecy thing made me mad. They invited everyone but the family. Thanks, guys. What if we would have had a party planned already? What would they have done then?

The adults in our family are all going out to dinner tonight, and again, we aren't invited. So, happy birthday grandpa.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The best parts of community theater. Paraphrased.

This is a list I made last year during Sound of Music. Again, it's really random.

  • Techie love
  • Presto change-o! Quick costume/scene changes
  • Playing jokes
  • Skirt Wars
  • Building new friendships
  • Strengthening old friendships
  • The Honakers ;)
  • Women with spy glasses
  • theater ghosts
  • Sweetened tracks
  • Learning how to do hair
  • Staying out late
  • Hill balancing
  • Learning how to dance
  • No divas (generally)
  • Learning how to "Chogey Chogey!"
  • Being outside
  • My velvet broach broke...
  • The Order of the Rosettes
  • Family

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random memory #1

(This is the first of what will probably turn out to be lots of random stories.)

Year: 2004
Setting: SCERA Shell
Main characters: Evan, Natalie (me), dippin dots worker

Once upon a time, a couple of years ago, I was in the musical "Oklahoma!". Evan was my small friend. He was a very funny little boy.

Well, one day right after cast meeting, Even decided he wanted some dippin dots. So, Evan and I changed out of our costumes (or maybe we hadn't changed into them yet-I can't remember) and we trekked to the top of the hill to buy him some ice cream. We stood in line for a minute, chatted with some of the other people who were in line, and finally, Evan got to the front of the line, ordered his dippin dots, and we left.

When we got backstage, Evan turned to me with a horrified look on his face, held out his clenched fist, and said, "Natalie, I forgot to pay." It was very funny, actually. How do you just forget to pay?

So, being the honest person that I am, I trekked back up the hill, went to the dippin dots girl, and said, "My little brother forgot to pay for his dippin dots." (Ok, so that was a bit of a lie, but to tell the whole story would have taken too long). I felt dumb though, because the girl just looked at me like I was from Mars. Maybe I had too much stage makeup on, but I digress. It was just very awkward. Here I was, trying to do the right thing, and I got treated like some sort of freak. Oh well. The end.

(See, that was pretty random, wasn't it?)

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Since when did everyone decide it was time to ruin Natalie's life? And why didn't anyone tell me? This is dumb! Why do people do dumb things?! Why can't I just start accepting things? How come I am the only person who thinks this is stupid? How come everyone else can accept it? Are they pretending? Well guess what. I'm going to learn to deal with it. It's my only option. Anyway, if I learn to start accepting things, life will be so much easier. Hooray.