Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh, I have tact.

The following scene takes place somewhere backstage Disneyland. In a dressing room right behind Toon Town, I believe.

The Background: We were going to perform sometime in the early afternoon, so we had all morning to ride the rides and play around. We didn't want to wear nice clothes as we were doing the "Natalie Run" around Disneyland, so we all brought our concert dress in suitbags that we left on the bus. To make things more convenient, I had used only one hanger. I put my white dress shirt on the hanger with my band jacket over it. Magnificent.

At the appropriate time, we all gathered around our little tour guide (who just happened to be Tinkerbell, thanks Lyon) and made our way backstage.

There was another performing group back there. They were these adorable Grandma tap dancers. They seemed really fun (I mean, we didn't really talk to them at all. But we saw them). They were for real tap dancers, which means they were pretty much wearing only leotards and tights and tap shoes. But they looked super cute. You can probably picture it.

So after Tink's little spiel, we all moseyed into the dressing room with our suitbags. Time to change. The Grandma tap dancers were spread throughout the dressing room, so we kinda squeezed in there and I started to unpack my clothes.

Where the story gets good (AKA I am amazing at this thing called tact): (I really hope you can all picture this scene. Remember, my friends and I surrounded by quite a few older women who are changing.) (Also please remember I am slightly OCD about ironing my clothes.) So I unzipped my suitbag, pulled my jacket/shirt off the hanger, then pulled my shirt out of my jacket. It was super wrinkly and deformed. Of course I was distraught about this. I turned to my friends, forgot to think before I spoke, and exclaimed, "Ew! It's like...morbidly wrinkly!"

As the place got a little bit quiet, I desperately tried to save myself. "My shirt, I mean! My shirt is super wrinkly!" But it was no use, and I was embarrassed. Then we left the dressing room and told everyone what I had done.

All in all, it was a good day.

So, I may be a bit insane

The other day (hm...Friday, maybe?) I was home alone. On the computer, with iTunes open and playing on shuffle. Everytime We Touch came on suddenly, so I turned up the volume as loud as it would go and danced. It was an amazing stress reliever. I highly recommend it.

This is a conversation we had yesterday at dinner.

Karly: ...and this kid behind me was making fun of it, so I turned around and glared at him. I was like, 'Hello. Shut up.'
Nate: Did you say that?
Karly: No...he's like 300 pounds and a wrestler. I was too afraid.
Nate: Hey, have you seen that show on the history channel? Human Weapons?
Karly: I don't know, I don't think so.
Nate: Well, it's really cool. They teach people how to be ninjas.
Me: Wait...they teach people how to be ninjas on a show called Human Muffins?