Friday, September 16, 2011

If you didn't know...

...I do have a life outside of teaching. I know it doesn't seem like it, because the only thing I can ever talk about is my class and the fun we have, but this is because I am LOVING IT.

It gets so HARD and so DRAINING! But it's so fun. I haven't cried once out of frustration (I did cry one day in class, but only because I was laughing so hard it moved me to tears) and I haven't even been tempted to yell at my class. That's good, right??

I am sooo far from being a perfect teacher, but for now I'm just trying. I'm trying to work on a couple of goals a week. Slow and steady wins the race!

See? I always end up talking about school no matter what!

(Photo Credit: Lincoln. I think)

Something exciting that just happened was our stake luau. My presidency and the EQP performed a dance from Fiji and, well, we basically rocked. At first we were thinking, "What the heck?? We have to perform at a LUAU?!" but eventually we got into the dance and decided to just have fun with it.


Sunday, September 04, 2011


Ooooh man. Such a good movie! This final scene is so good! I just love Jimmy Stewart. Watching Charlie and The Boy sing and cry...touching!