Thursday, July 23, 2015

Come, be in my tribe.

I just read an inspiring post from Scary Mommy (read it, it's so good) with this same title and immediately thought of the women in my ward. It's been years since I've been in a "tribe" outside of my family. My social hesitation, anxiety, career, and little family have kept me from reaching outside of myself and comfort zone. For years I've been content to limit my interactions with others to fairly superficial relationships.

But the women in my ward have slowly been knocking down my walls. Through visiting teaching, conversations at church, watching over my child, and asking for help, they've taught me the importance of having a tribe. 

Over the past year I've had so many positive interactions with the women in my ward and their families. Then, a few months ago, it hit me. I've been denying myself (and now Eli) something that is so important to the soul: friends. I'm not going to do that to myself or my family any longer! It isn't always easy for me, but I'm trying so hard to reach out to others (and allow them to reach me in return)! So, thanks to all those who have reached out patiently to me :) I am trying to reflect your good examples. Come, be in my tribe. 

"What greater gift dost thou bestow, what greater goodness can we know, than Christlike friends, whose gentle ways, strengthen our faith, enrich our days."
Each Life That Touches Ours for Good #293