Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Girls and cars

Mars and Annika wanted to have a sleepover. So we went and picked up Annika and drove her back here so the fun could begin. I parked the car in the garage (a first, since they've been working on our road) and went inside. I assumed Mariel and Annika would follow. However, a few minutes passed and they were absent. I thought maybe they needed help carrying stuff in, so I went into the garage. I could see themt through the car's windshield playing with the seats-making them go up and down, backward and forward (I must admit, they are cool seats). I made the "you only have 5 minutes left to play in the car" sign and went back inside. A couple minutes later, Mariel ran in "Um, can we honk the horn? Just once?" I said that would be okay.

Five minutes later, I went to check on them again. Now, they were in the van, playing with the seats and testing out the horn. They are silly girls.

Now they're having dinner. Frosted Flakes with barbecue chips.