Monday, February 28, 2011

My Quandary

So here's the problem: I really want this hair.
But I am kind of loving growing my hair out. I can't explain how I feel, because I kind of like my length now.but I'm to the point where I want a change (no breakup this time, I just feel like something new!)!

I already know what my friends and family will say--don't cut it!!

But hair grows, right? Right?!

Also I need to color my hair on account of my genetics. I'm going gray. Every day I look in the mirror I see more gray hairs.

What should I do?!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This has been the weirdest day of my life

Well, one of the weirdest days.

Buuuuuut I just love my Bishop Jensen, and I miss his insights and that ward so much. And I miss living and adventuring with Holly! She is the greatest friend ever.

I hope tomorrow is a fun day, but not a weird day, because I just don't even know what to think anymore!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, boys.

As with many of my stories, this may not be funny to you. But it is to me!

So, this story takes place last summer when I was serving as Relief Society president. We had ward council every Sunday morning at 7:30 and church started at 9. One Sunday I had a killer headache and did NOT feel well, but of course I toughed it out and went to the meeting and church.

After church, I went straight home, changed back into my pajamas, and got into bed. I hadn't even been laying down for five minutes before I started getting texts from the bishop and ward executive secretary (they were in the middle of a bishopric meeting). I really wanted to sleep but I was trying to be good, so I kept responding to their texts until finally I got one from the bishop that said, "Can you or Alex (EQP) just run over here and talk to us for a minute?" Well, I considered laying in bed and letting Alex run over and talk to them, but since the bishop's office was literally right next door to my apartment, I thought I'd better just do it myself.

*This is how close my apartment was to the bishop's office. If I was sitting on the couch in our living room, I could hear the bishop talking through the wall*

So, I got myself out of bed and trudged over in my bare feet and pajamas. I looked like death warmed over, I'm sure of it. I stood there in the hot office and they asked me questions for a while before the 1st counselor noticed something was wrong and said, "Um, are we killing you here?" I was like, "Uh yeah, I feel awful. I want to go to bed" and my lip probably trembled. They got all sympathetic and said, "Well, go back and get in bed! We'll let you sleep and ask Alex all the questions from now on."

I was very grateful, so I left the office and got back in bed. Five minutes later...they were texting me again. I don't think I went back to sleep that day.

Oh, boys...maybe they just really needed a woman to sort everything out for them.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Four for all forever from now on!

From now on we are joined, and we shall not be parted! From this day on, it's all for one and one for all for life!

Together we will fight. Their battles will be mine.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It only takes a moment

Today I drove past SC, which is funny, because it's been one year, and today I downloaded and started listening to Bon Jovi, whom I haven't listened to since our first date when "Livin' on a Prayer" was playing in the bowling alley.

Isn't it interesting how things can change so suddenly, so quickly?

"Then a prince, then a moment..."

One moment you meet someone in the gym...another moment, you decide you don't care.

And then, for the next year, you experience random moments where you question that decision.

But then a plane crashes, the plane that could have been his, and for that moment you feel all the old anxiety.

"One peculiar, passing moment..."

And the next moment you see him driving down the street wearing a white shirt and tie. And you remember all the moments, the good ones and the bad ones, and you're grateful for those moments. Even though you did throw them away.

"Let the moment go. Don't forget it for a moment, though."

Triple Birthday Bash!

Well, I stole this picture from Joel's facebook, but since I'm in the picture...I think it's okay to steal it :)

We had a triple birthday bash on Saturday for Adam, Brad, and me! It was way fun and way good--Malawi's pizza in the, for every meal bought they donate a nutritious meal to an orphan in Africa, so you can kinda feel better about eating out :)

I love these friends so much! Joel, Karlee, and Brent came to celebrate with us and even bought our pizza--how nice! They're all just the best! if you only see Joel, Adam, and me in the on it to see the whole thing. I don't know what is happening with my blog!