Monday, March 29, 2010

A very unproductive day

I feel like my heart is breaking, but I don't know why. Is it because I thought I had what I wanted, but maybe I actually don't (have it, that is)?

And Mark and Noelle are already gone, and I miss them like crazy. I didn't spend nearly enough time with them before they left.

Banana squash, then, it wasn't goodbye-they're coming back. And we'll write. But I'm just curiously sad this evening.

Which means I haven't done any homework. Oh well. I just started reading Ender in Exile. So basically that's all I want to do. I probably will go read a bit now.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today in VAEDU we did a brainstorming activity where we had to write down 100 things that had to do with us. Like...write down 100 things that are connected to you! Ready...go! If you didn't know, this is actually quite hard. I would write something down and then focus on that one thing and get sidetracked. So I got a lot of random things on my list. A few names appeared. I will now give a list of the names along with the brainstormed words that made me think of these people (if my sentences don't make sense it's because I'm tired).

1. MTC Bookstore, Elders, Jarom.

2. Theater, Irish, Janna.

3. Concentration camp, Nauvoo, Hannah.

4. Laptop, migraines, Gabe.

5. Scera, Orem High, Syd Riggs.

6. Paranoia, panic attacks, chemical engineer.

7. Chocolate ice cream, commuting, Doug Wright.

8. Store squad, talking, Finnegan.

9. Shopping, G2 pens, Grettir.'s weird. And if you are on this list, don't read too much into the words that made me think of your name. Associations our minds make can be really, really weird and far out.

Monday, March 01, 2010

My boys

They aren't really my boys. They would probably feel awkward if they knew I referred to them in such a manner. Oh well! We spent hours on end together, sitting in front of computers, making really yummy chocolate-caramel shakes, talking about our lives (well, I did all the talking), proposing to each other (I also did all the proposing), and just being silly and having fun. Oh, did I mention we had to make Frazil, write a novel, and have twig pencil contests? Sometimes I look back and think I didn't really like working at Aspen Grove. But then I remember that I loved being with my boys, and having adventures with my awesome roommates, and then I realized that I loved Aspen Grove.

Oh yeah, we also liked to frolic. Well actually, Brandon was the frolicker. After the closing show we would go into the store, keep the doors locked, and turn on Space Jam or Disney. Then Brandon would skip and jump around the store...yeah, fun.

But one time Ryan and I were closing (and we had a habit of taking a looooong time to close the store because we would just get talking, and laughing...). So anyway, one day it was pretty late and someone came to the door-it was probably Brandon. We were in the middle of counting our money so Ryan, as he counted his bundle of ones, began frolicking toward the door. As he frolicked, he threw one dollar bills like they were confetti.

We kept finding ones hidden in and under the candy displays for a few days. But it was really funny.