Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Bradley's Tangent" and then some contention

My biology professor tends to go off on tangents. When I say 'tends to go off' I mean he spends 2/3 of the lecture in a tangent (maybe not quite 2/3, but you get the idea). So today Bradley decided to ask a question for the sole purpose of getting Professor off on a tangent. Because he was sick of taking notes.

All Bradley asked was, "So, I'm wondering, Professor-what is your opinion on globing warming?"

The professor gave his opinion and went off on a mini tangent. "Mission: accomplished" Bradley was thinking. Oh yes, Bradley. Mission accomplished and then some.

Eventually another student raised his hand and asked the professor something to the effect of, "But Professor, how can anyone be sure about what causes global warming? Global warming is non-falsifiable--there's no way anyone can test for all the factors that may contribute."

And our Professor got mad. He didn't yell, but we could just tell he was not happy. They started arguing a bit. The tangent got even longer and intense and I (being the incredibly sensitive person that I am) could not stop laughing. It wasn't funny, but Bradley had inadvertently started a riot. "Great job, Bradley! You made him mad!" I muttered. " worked. We haven't taken notes in 15 minutes" he whispered.

The fact that our professor got angry bugs me. We are subjected to his own opinion three hours a week. And what is this? We can't have our own opinions?

Also, the very first day of class the professor said, "I don't want you guys to believe anything you hear. You need to question absolutely everything-don't accept anything as fact before you've researched it and reached a personal understanding of what is truth". So it's funny that he seemed so intolerant of another's opinion.

Oh, boy. It was quite the class.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Really good news

I just wanted to say that Dr. Wilson has returned!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We went to see Sweeney Todd tonight (the stage version-not the movie). It was okay. It definitely wasn't my favorite, but I wasn't really expecting to love it. It isn't exactly filled with joy, love, and weddings. It was filled with death. But I've always wanted to see Sweeney Todd, so I've completed that goal. Look at me go.

The scariest part of the show was the man dressed like Sweeney Todd. Who was sitting in the audience. Wearing all black with a pale face and blood painted around his mouth. Yeah, I think there was a definite group of Sweeney enthusiasts there.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ice skating

Today we did "synchronized skating", which felt a little silly at times but was a much needed respite from spinning and jumping. Also, I found out that yes, I can clog in ice skates. On ice. It's a bit scary. The trick is staying grounded.

PS: Only cloggers wear black tights with white shoes. Am I right?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two things

Yesterday I was walking down some stairs on campus and I almost got attacked by a snake. Well, 'attacked' is a slight exaggeration, but there was definitely a snake slithering by my feet.

Today at one point during the devotional Hannah and Noelle passed me an orange slice (thanks guys!), but I was too afraid to use it-and anyway, I'm not sure I want to throw oranges...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tell me...

...have I played my part in the comedy of life well enough?

I think it's no secret that I love the MTC and my job there. The people I work with honestly are some of my best friends-we all get along brilliantly. I'm lucky we all get along so well, because I often do awkward things that I will never live down. Trust me, I've got quite the list. Normally I get teased by my coworkers. But new people are taking interest in my awkward moments...the missionaries. Oh great.

I already had an experience where Elder Taylor accused me of slacking off (I was. Gideon and I were talking). Anyway, here's a conversation of something that happened today.

Elder K: Natalie, I almost had Jordan help me but then I thought I'd come to you.
Me: Thanks, I guess...even though you made fun of me for smelling shampoo.
Elder K: Well it was weird! Seriously, my whole district agrees with me.
Me: Elder, why in the world would you tell your whole district that I smelled shampoo?!
Elder K: Because it was so weird!
Me: Well, I told that story like three times over the weekend and no one thought that it's weird to smell shampoo. People always smell shampoo.
Elder: Um, yeah, if they are planning on buying it!

Whatever. I don't think it's weird...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A random Aspen Grove memory

This memory takes place at one of the many closing shows in the middle of our great musical number.

Staff: [Singing and dancing] "We're all in this together! Once we know that we are we're all stars and we see that we're all in this..."
Me: "...together! Once we...Ryan, do you have a bloody nose?"
Ryan: "No. Well, I did earlier today...and we see that..."
Me: "No...your blood is dripping on me!...when we reach we can stand..."

Sometimes blood occurred at our shows. Beam me a board, Scotty.